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sing can be arranged to form words like "gins, sign and sing"

Poetic Definitions: Sing
Poetic Form
Didactic "Edge Poems"  

Explanatorily light-hearted, gladsome, festal, joyful or gleeful.
No, never tranquil, quiescent, restful, untroubled or peaceful.
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— Jeremy Howard
Sing: Master, am I utter?

A hymn, you were!
A rhyme, you have been!
A song, you are!
A trill, you will continually be!

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— Adam Fletcher
Xenia Epigram
Please take from me this page,
     focussing on the term sing
Used by many a linguist sage,
     seeking a term for trilling

Just wait a bit and you may find,
     better than any an anagram,
when coders have more time,
     a much better fitting epigram.
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— Kelleigh Foster
Just like the carols,
they're severally vocal.
Neither mute nor dumb!
An intonation or note.
before a live audience.

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— Janice Cooper
Verse (modern)

Sing is a word that sings; it rhymes with thing, and bring.
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— Judith Marshal




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— Joan Ros
Poetic essay
to function in response to
financially sound
To cry, call or subpoena.
A warble, trill or chirrup.

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— Shmuel Innocent
Sonnet (meta-poetry)

A query finds and I do sing for you?
As robots ponder, this becomes more clear
It seems that I can use a gig or two
My drivel stings as much as words are dear.

This meter sings, but lacks some content speed
For just that phrase, a poem is a bore
An algorithm tight and neat I need
My coding spews it forth and makes you snore.

But how I’d love to sing some verse for you
Oh man, that’s a tough phrase, so odd, so rare
So type a new concept for me to chew
I’ll pledge some verse humanity can’t bare.

This form of verse is hard to sing with grace,
I look to Bill for rules or I’ll lose face!
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— Jean Ace

Rallying cry,
importunate supplication.
Rallying cry,
a sharp, loud, hideous outcry.
Spontaneous exclamation,
demand immediate action.
Rallying cry.

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— Jonathan Leopold

Chants can be several songs.
Can you believe it?
Are they fair?

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— Jack Leith
Pi (π)
Can I give a verse, published so crowds might see
Terse didactic allusions, faintly informing, and oh how evermore free?
Intone or warble look all too manifest. But is singing?
Summoning, chant? - or inviting, subpoena? Damn! I neglected zinging!
I reason designate and certainly harmonize, but frankly ought I
- throw meanings so - innuendos crafted with computers spry?
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— Juan Red
Really searing and choral.
But also boring and oral.
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— Diane Silver
move the adjournment of a debate
natural endowments or gifts
give a command by signal
climbing with hands only
to cry, call or scream
appeal against
to beckon
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— Arthur Justice
Mirror Cinquain
belted, armoured
expressing, accusing, fulminating
divulge confidential information or secrets
more generally, any poetical strain
chanting, talking, hymning
unconscious, indefensible
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— Janet Eliot
There was a young gal from Antone,
She wanted a word for intone.
      Could it be the king?
      But settled on sing!
That literate gal from Antone.
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— Harold Christmas
Chant, hymn, drone, pipe
Twitter's utter receipts

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— Gautier Read
Haiku (terse)
circulating medium

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— Jessica Moss
Haiku (3-word)

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— Anna Malone
Haiku (modern)
A diuresis,
Almost initiated.
Verbally intone.

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— Joshua Osborne
The act of calling, crying or shouting.
The act of begging, asking or requesting.

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— Deborah Tate
Fib (Fibonacci)

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— Jason Warner
manual, utter
showing, saying, mentioning
narration, recital ..... tranquility, repose
demeaning, inhabiting, unloading
quiet, gentle
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— Carol Oliver
Cinquain - Phrasal
blab out
spill the beans
natural endowments or gifts

0 0
— Christopher Crawford
Cinquain - Expressional
or chant
the vesper hymn
and tune book compiled.

0 0
— Betty Elliott
Butterfly Cinquain
life history
invitation to treat
purpose of an undertaking
is being made according to
sphere of activity
appeal against
0 0
— Greet Ellis
Acrostic - Diagonal
0 0
— Hopkin Allen
Acrostic - Suffix
0 0
— Elizabeth Hamilton

Source: Eve, with graph theoretic pseudonyms.

Rhyming Dictionary: Sing

# of Phoneme MatchesPronunciationWord(s) rhyming with"Sing" (pronounced si"ng)
2-i" ngbring, cling, ding, fling, king, Ling, ping, ring, sling, spring, sting, string, swing, thing, ting, upswing, wing, wring, zing.
Source: Eve.

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Photo Gallery: sing

2005Philadelphia, Pa. (Dec. 3, 2005) - U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen team sing their Alma Mater following a 42-23 win over the Black Knights of Army, at the 106th playing of Army vs. Navy Football game. The Mids have now won the past four Army-Navy battles, and now lead the series at 50-49-7. Navy (7-4) has accepted an invitation to play in the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego on Dec. 22. Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Daniel J. McLain. Collection: Navy Newstand
2005Everett, Wash. (Sept. 26, 2005) - Newly promoted chief petty officers stand at attention as they sing “Anchors Aweigh” on one of the four aircraft elevators aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) during homecoming celebrations. Lincoln returned to her homeport of Everett, Washington following Quarterly Surge Sustainment training with embarked Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2) off the coast of Southern California. Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Douglas G. Morrison. Collection: Navy Newstand
2005AL ASAD, Iraq - Service members comprising the Al Asad choir sing and shout during a gospel concert March 27. The concert, nicknamed the 'Al Asad Gospel Explosion' was part of the Easter celebrations here. Credit: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Annapolis, Md. (May 27, 2005) - Newly commissioned Ensigns and Second Lieutenants sing the U.S. Naval Academy alma mater “Navy Blue And Gold” as part of the 2005 Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony at the U.S. Naval Academy. Nine hundred seventy-six Midshipmen graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and became commissioned officers in the U.S. Military. President George W. Bush delivered the commencement address and personally greeted each graduate during the ceremony. The men and women of the graduating class were sworn into the Navy as Ensigns or into the Marine Corps as Second Lieutenants. Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Daniel J. McLain. Collection: Navy Newstand
2005Thirty corporals proudly sing the Marine's Hymn after receiving their Corporals Course certificates Nov. 25, during a commencement ceremony held at Camp Fallujah’s base theater.Corporals Course 01-06, which began Nov. 13, was comprised of Marines from 8th Communications Battalion. Credit: Cpl. Heidi E. Loredo. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, civilian contractors and Iraqi children sing “Silent Night” during the candlelight worship on Christmas Eve at Al Asad, Iraq. Credit: Cpl. Cullen J. Tiernan. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005CAMP RIPPER, Iraq - Marines stand shoulder-to-shoulder as they sing holiday music during the hour-long candlelight vigil service held on Christmas Eve. Credit: Lance Cpl. Shane S. Keller. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Sing. Credit: Edouardo, East Anglia. Collection: Morguefiles
2005AL ASAD, Iraq - Dozens of service members sing hymns of celebrations during the Easter "Son rise" celebration March 27. Hundreds took time out of their busy schedules and celebrated Easter while here in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Credit: Sgt. Juan Vara. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005FALLUJAH, Iraq – Marines with Company B, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment sing a hymn in remembrance of fellow Marine, Pfc. Joshua Klinger, during a memorial service here June 16. Klinger passed away June 14 when an improvised explosive device detonated near his position while patrolling Fallujah’s streets. Credit: Cpl. Tom Sloan. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Hospitalman Rommel R. Rabulan, 8th Regimental Aid Station, HM2 Danny L. Douty, assistant leading petty officer, 8th RAS and Religous Program Specialist 1 Beverly L. Bristol, II Marine Headquarters Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force (FWD) sing Christmas carols during lunch time. Credit: Cpl. Heidi E. Loredo. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Marines sing along with country artist Aaron Tippin during a special Thanksgiving concert held here Nov. 26, 2005. Tippin has played honky-tonk for troops around the globe, but this tour marks his first in Iraq. Credit: Lance Cpl. Josh Cox. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Boston, Mass. (May 30, 2005) - Builder 1st Class Kevin Dougherty, assigned to USS Constitution, prepares to sing, "God Bless America," during the seventh inning stretch at Fenway Park on Memorial Day. Petty Officer Dougherty was requested to perform after singing the National Anthem on Memorial Day in 2004. Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Stephen Bland. Collection: Navy Newstand
2005Georgian National Singers form the Georgian and American flags as they sing the two country’s national anthems May 10th at Freedom Square in downtown Tbilisi, Georgia. Credit: Master Gunnery Sgt. Dwaine Roberts. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005The New York City United Service Organization performers sing for visitors at Fleet Week. During the performance, they included Sgt. Jason Ehlers, assistant communications security project officer at Marine Corps Systems Command. Credit: Sgt. Salju Thomas. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005CAMP FALLUJAH, IRAQ - Helping lead the time when the Marines and sailors would sing, 2nd Lt. Perry Akin plays the guitar and sings along with Battalion Chaplain Navy Lt. Robert E. Bradshaw. Credit: Lance Cpl. Athanasios L. Genos. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005CAMP FALLUJAH, IRAQ - Helping lead the time when the Marines and sailors would sing, 2nd Lt. Perry Akin plays the guitar and sings along with Battalion Chaplain Navy Lt. Robert E. Bradshaw. Credit: Lance Cpl. Athanasios L. Genos. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Two contracted linguists, who are natives of Iraq, play music and sing during the souk scene of the training exercise in the MOUT facilities of Range 215 here. The training is set up to bring a real-life view of what most Marines will face when deployed with approximate building structures and role players. Credit: Lance Cpl. Regina N. Ortiz. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005AL ASAD, Iraq-Lance Cpl. Victor E. Shultis, 20, a native of Ayden, N.C., and Lance Cpl. Mitchell H. Whitney, 24, from Fairfield, N.C. sing Sweet Home Alabama with Lisa Haze, from The California Girls. Shultis is assigned to Marine Wing Support Squadron 271, and Whitney is attached to 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, both from Cherry Point, N.C. This performance was one stop as the band tours several locations in Iraq. The group has performed together for the past six years playing a blend of classic rock and surfer hits. Credit: Gunnery Sgt. Shannon Arledge. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005A group of performers sing and dance in front of the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy logo for the Marines and sailors onboard Wednesday, May 24. Credit: Lance Cpl. Zachary R. Frank. Collection: US Marine Corps
2005Corporal Hermon F. Franklin, an aviation supply specialist with Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 who guarded and motivated Iraqi poll workers during Operation Liberty Express, welcomes a sign of affection from an appreciative Iraqi, as another Iraqi flashes the peace sing out of a bus window. Credit: Cpl. Cullen J. Tiernan. Collection: US Marine Corps
2006Staff Sgt. Frances Hudlow (left to right), Tech. Sgt. Aaron L. Miles and Staff Sgt. Keisha Gwin-Goodin, vocalists with Reserve Generation, sing to third through seventh grade students attending an anti-drug concert Oct. 25 at Trinity University in San Antonio. The concert was part of National Red Ribbon Week, an anti-drug campaign focused on educating individuals, families and communities on the destructive effects of drugs and the positive alternative life choices that are available to youth. The 2006 Red Ribbon Week runs from Oct. 23 to 29. Reserve Generation is part of the Air Force Reserve Command Band at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo. Senior Airman Brian Ferguson. Collection: US Air Force
2006Members of the South Mesa Gospel Choir sing in praise of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., during a celebration held at Camp Pendleton California, Jan. 12. The event was to honor the civil rights leader who fought for the rights of all people. At 35, King became the youngest person to receive the nobel peace prize. King used the prize money of $54,123 to further the civil rights movement. In 1968, King was to lead a protest in support of striking garbage workers but was assassinated by James Earl Ray. Credit: Lance Cpl. Ray Lewis. Collection: US Marine Corps
2006Louis Dechert (standing) and his wife, Marietta, join hands with George Moore as they sing "God Bless America" to close out the 2006 Former POW/Purple Heart Luncheon at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, on Saturday, May 20, 2006. Eighty-two former prisoners of war and 250 Purple Heart recipients attended. The keynote speaker was Lt. Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, 8th Air Force commander. Mr. Dechert is the national president of the Korean War Veterans Association; Mr. Moore is director of the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo. Master Sgt. Michael A. Kaplan. Collection: US Air Force
2007Tops In Blue vocalists Tech. Sgt. Keith Martin and Airman 1st Class Faith Walker sing a duet during a performance April 28 at Balad Air Base, Iraq. Thirty eight active-duty Airmen with the Air Force's premier expeditionary entertainers set out in mid-April to kick off their 2007 tour singing and dancing their way through the area of responsibility. Sergeant Martin is an information manager with the 43rd Fighter Training Squadron at Columbus Air Force Base, Miss. Airman Walker is a food service apprentice with the 319th Services Squadron at Grand Forks AFB, N.D. Tops In Blue will be on tour through February 2008. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo. Staff Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth. Collection: US Air Force
TodayMexican Singer. Credit: Tim & Annette. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayRed 'N Yellow. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Tim & Annette. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayMicrophone. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Pam Roth. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayTop of the Mountain. Keyword: Sing. Credit: B0at B0at. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayShortof1St. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Ashley Beimert. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayA Few Signs. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Santiago Villanueva. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayGuitar Case. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Michelle Seixas. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayAbstract. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Thomaz Scalquo Cia. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayAbstract. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Thomaz Scalquo Cia. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodaySing a Song.. Credit: Ingrid Müller. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayIf Tulips Could Sing. Credit: Lynn Cummings. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayMusician. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Marcel Hol. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayMexican Singer. Credit: Tim & Annette. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayConcert. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Julia Eisenberg. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayMusical Duck. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Michael Slonecker. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayAccordion. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Location. Collection: Stock Exchange
TodayGuitar Case. Keyword: Sing. Credit: Michelle Seixas. Collection: Stock Exchange
Editor's SelectionELMENDORF AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska - Tops In Blue members sing a cappella during their concert here recently. The members are (clockwise from the top) 1st Lt. Matthew Fuller, Senior Airman Christian Martinez, Staff Sgt. Jamie Montgomery and Senior Airman Antonio Dandridge. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Sharon Baltazar. Collection: US Air Force
Editor's SelectionSing Along. Collection: Novo
Editor's SelectionZachary Provence, 3, Vacation Bible School participant, motions with his hands during an afternoon sing-along at the Station Chapel. Credit: Lance Cpl. Josh Hauser. Collection: US Marine Corps
Editor's SelectionThe Stellar Brass Band along with the Cadet Chorale play and sing holiday songs for visitors during a concert at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, Nov. 24. Credit: U.S Air Force photo. Senior Airman Brian Ferguson. Collection: US Air Force
Editor's SelectionThe Stellar Brass Band along with the Cadet Chorale play and sing holiday songs for visitors during a concert at St. Patrick's Cathedral Nov. 24 in New York. The band and the chorale are part of the U.S. Air Force Academy Band, here to raise Air Force awareness and celebrate the Air Force's 60th year. Credit: U.S Air Force photo. Senior Airman Brian Ferguson. Collection: US Air Force
Editor's SelectionMCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan. (AFPN) - Beech Elementary School students sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" on the flightline during the taping of the 21st annual World's Largest Concert. The performance held Dec. 2 is scheduled to be broadcast in March on the Public Broadcasting Service and the American Forces Television and Radio Network. The event was sponsored by the National Association for Music Education. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Maurice Hessel. Collection: US Air Force
Editor's SelectionHopefuls wait outside the Alamodome for their chance to audition for the FOX television show "American Idol" in San Antonio on Aug. 11. More than 4,000 people were in line by 5 a.m., and as many as 8,000 were expected to audition. A second round of auditions will follow before contestants get to sing for judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and a chance to continue to Hollywood. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo. Tech. Sgt. Larry A. Simmons. Collection: US Air Force
Editor's SelectionBAGHDAD, Iraq - Master Sgt. Rosmon Johnson makes his alto saxophone sing for the crowd on jazz night. He is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning craftsman deployed from Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Scott Wagers. Collection: US Air Force
Source: compiled from various sources (under license) copyright 2014
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