Toto Poetry
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toto, adj. (Latin) altogether, complete, universal
poetry, n. (English) metrical composition

Mirror Cinquain

Stanza Line

 debased, subdued 
 belittling, derogating, lessening 
 to have demolished, smashed, liquidated, demeaned or degraded 
 being abject, miserable, pitiful, forlorn or lamentable 
 lowing, meaning, outlawing 
 criminal, woeful 


 despicable, calm 
 injuring, lessening, minimizing 
 a degradation, degeneration, deterioration, degeneracy or denudation 
 the condition of being out of favor 
 abasing, demeaning, tarnishing 
 bashful, shamefaced 


 lower, humble 
 debasing, reducing, abating 
 to demolish, smash, dispirit, rip or disconnect 
 being dejected, dispirited, despondent, downcast or pessimistic 
 slaughtering, killing, thwarting 
 grim, dreary 


 opprobrious, shameful 
 reducing, abating, lowering 
 the act of demolishing, smashing, belittling or severing 
 a door or platform opening downward 
 passing, abandoning, failing 
 limp, weak 


 marshy, turbid 
 reducing, lessening, weakening 
 to be defeated, or come to naught 
 being diminishing, decreasing or dwindling 
 abating, lessening, subsiding 
 deficient, incomplete 

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Source: Eve, with graph theoretic pseudonyms.
Toto Poetry