Toto Poetry
~ A Poetry Dictionary ~
toto, adj. (Latin) altogether, complete, universal.
poetry, n. (English) metrical composition.


Poetic Definitions: centerpieces
Poetic Form
Didactic "Graph Theoretic Poems"  

Sonnet (meta-poetry)

Do poets die with centers left in space?
This meter sings, but lacks some content speed
You might ask human souls should I replace
An algorithm tight and neat I need.

As progress now allows computing lines
Computer crafted prose, it never stops
It won’t be long before you see the signs
My network graph is vast! It burns and pops.

But graphes and nodes and lines and scores are free
For what you type in my website as shown
The valence type gives just intensity
A phrase, a word, a blurb, it’s clear I’m thrown.

The basic fact is easily clear for all,
Until my program sees ol’ Bill, I stall!
0 0
— Lois Ace

Source: Eve, with graph theoretic pseudonyms.