Toto Poetry
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toto, adj. (Latin) altogether, complete, universal.
poetry, n. (English) metrical composition.


Poetic Definitions: nannyberries
Poetic Form
Didactic "Graph Theoretic Poems"  

Xenia Epigram
Please accept from me this page,
     didicated to the word nannyberries
Used by many an important sage,
     needing a term for checkerberries

But wait, I promise an Epigram
     more fitting for this word.
When I receive a better program,
     for now it's just absurd!
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— Curtis Foster

Rowans are many strikes.
Can you believe it?
Are they oared?

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— Julia Leith
There was a young lad from Cowans,
He wanted a word for rowans.
      Could it be rockets?
      But then thought rackets!
That literate dude from Cowans.
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— Kelleigh Valentine
Haiku (modern)
Evokes some rackets,
evokes many services,
It really absorbs!

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— Justin Tate
Fib (Fibonacci)

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— Amanda Harvey

Source: Eve, with graph theoretic pseudonyms.