Toto Poetry
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toto, adj. (Latin) altogether, complete, universal.
poetry, n. (English) metrical composition.


Poetic Definitions: zootoxin
Poetic Form
Didactic "Graph Theoretic Poems"  

Xenia Epigram
To zootoxin I offer this thanks,
     when needing something like bitchiness
When I'm writing and drawing blanks,
     I almost settle using nastiness

I am in search of more,
     trying to sing your praise!
It's you I very much adore,
     lacking in so many ways.
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— Curtis Foster
Venom, malevolence, bitchiness, cattiness
Nastiness' toxic spites

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— Benjamin Harding
Haiku (modern)
A maliciousness,
is just like a spitefulness,
It's a nastiness.

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— Justin Tate
Fib (Fibonacci)

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— Amanda Harvey

Source: Eve, with graph theoretic pseudonyms.